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Author Topic: How to add Adsense to your tumblr Blog  (Read 18555 times)
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« on: August 29, 2012, 08:50:46 AM »

Hi Folks

When working with Tumblr Blogs you will soon come to see that the traffic flowing to your blogs can become huge. Making money with your Tumblr blogs is a good idea - Tumblr allows you to customize your blog and also allows you to promote and advertise on your blog, it is however important we dont make the blog appear as it was built with the primary reason being for self promotion and making money.

Below is a small guide on how to add Addsense to your Tumblr blogs

How to Add Google AdSense to Your Tumblr Blog

Adding AdSense to Your Theme Tumblr Theme

Browse to the Customize page on Tumblr by logging in and then going to your blog url -If your blog url is then after logging into Tumblr please navigate to your blog and look for a link that reads customize - Similar to the image below and then click it.

A new sidebar will appear towards the the Left - Look for the Edit HTML Button and click it

After the code loads, you should see the HTML and CSS code that makes up your site’s theme.  There are endless potentials for customization here, but if you’ve never designed a website from scratch or even edited HTML, it can look intimidating.  Don’t worry; it’s easy to add the code!

Note that the Code that is inside of the Edit HTML reflects your theme so if it will looks different to the image below then please don't be alarmed.

You’ll now need to find where to place your AdSense code in your theme.  If you’re a website designer, you can look around the code and place it anywhere you want: inside <head>, <body>, or more.  If you’ve never used HTML code before, though, there’s another trick you can use.  Spot some text near the place on your theme where you want to place your ads.  For instance, if you want to place it near on a sidebar under the About this blog description, look at your theme preview to see what default wording it uses.  Pick something that’s a title or other default text, as your page description itself will not be in the code.

Now, press Ctrl+F in your browser to open the search dialog, and enter the term you want to find.  The search box will look different, depending on your browser, but will work the same.

Look for the highlighted text in your code.  We want to post our content right after this section.  Note that the next line is still describing the profile, so it goes with the About box still.  We’ll want to paste our ad code right after this.

In this theme, we searched for About, and pasted the code right below the code for the about box, just like we showed above.

Once you’ve entered the code, click the Update preview button on the top of the editor sidebar.

You can now see your changes on the sample blog preview.

If it looks good, click Save and then visit your site in a different tab or window.

Here’s our AdSense right in my Tumblr sidebar.  The colors blend in with my theme, and the ads are at least somewhat related to what I’m writing about.

Remember: Don’t click on your own ads, or your AdSense account may be suspended!

If the ads look too close to the next item in the sidebar, as they did in this theme, you can easily add some space by entering <p> </p> right after your </script>.

This works great on many themes, including the default Redux theme.  We added the same ad panel to the sidebar in this theme, and it worked great.  No extra spacing required for this theme.

To get the ads where we wanted this time, we opened the code, searched for Follow on Tumblr, and pasted the code right above it as below.  This is one of the best ways to get your add right where you want it, even if you’re not a web designer; just find something you want your ads near, search for it, and paste it above.  It may take a little trial and error, but you might be surprised how quickly you’ll get the hang of it!

You can even add ads to the footer of your theme.  Paste your ad code inside the <footer> of your theme, or if it doesn’t have one, you can just post it right before the </HTML> at the end of the theme code.  Here we added the <div id=”footer”> of the Neue theme.

Remember that AdSense allows you to show up to 3 AdSense and 3 link units on a page, but again, Tumblr doesn’t want blogs to be ridiculously covered with advertisements.  So, perhaps you may want to put one in your sidebar and one in the footer, or some other configuration that you think looks good and still focuses mainly on your blog’s content.  Sometimes less is more; people won’t like your site as much if it’s plastered with ads from top to bottom!  Feel free to play with it and get the ads looking great with your theme.


No matter what theme you’re using, it’s fairly easy to add AdSense to your Tumblr blog.  Try out the different places you can place the blog. Find something that works good for your blog, and see how it works.

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« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2013, 06:06:37 AM »

For my case, I own a domain when applying Google Adsense and I just use the code to my tumblr account.

I believe that it should be no problem if you have some useful content from your tumblr and Google might approve it.

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« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2013, 06:06:37 AM »

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